Michael Kaiser here. I’m a husband and father of three little Kaisers living in the great state of Tennessee. Moved here from southern California in Oct. of 2006 to get a little more breathing room. We love our adopted state and really have no plans on setting foot in socal again! Friends, if you want to see us you better pack a suitcase. I have a long background in music starting with my 1st real band, The Blazers when I was but just 14 years of age.  At 19 we recorded our sole e.p. called “Kryptonite” and then promptly broke up. Afterwards, the drummer and I formed Cosmic Voodoo, which lasted until I reached the ripe old age of 27. It was then that I met my wife (at a show, no less! something I vowed to never do), got married, got pregnant, and I hung up my guitar and cooled my pipes. That was in ’97/’98, and I successfully quit playing in bands until 2005 when Cosmic Voodoo reformed for two “reunion” shows corresponding to the release of a posthumous compilation of studio recordings called “Vertigo”. The CD was the 1st release by Kaiser Records, which I co-founded with 2 other kind souls in 2 different parts of the world. Kaiser Records has been in effect since 2005, and has released 8 albums to date with the most recent having been made available just days before the writing of this biography. *Update* I left my position with Kaiser Records in January of 2009. Any questions about the label can be directed to the Kaiser Records site; they’ll be more than happy to address all of your Kaiser needs.

In 2005 I left a long career in the automotive industry to work as a recording engineer at Love Juice Labs in southern California. The studio had 5 locations, and was the busiest of it’s kind on the west coast (at least). I can say “busiest” because I was working on average 40-70 hours per week. Sometimes as much as 80 per week!

I am also a “podcaster”. RadiOblivion is a monthly, 1 hour show in a standard radio format that I produce and host. The show had the honor of joining the GaragePunk Podcast Network after episode 8, and just recently released the 31st episode. There is also one episode of the GaragePunk Surfcast (no. 5) that I guest hosted, and one special episode of RadiOblivion called “Radi-BO-blivion” released 2 days after the sad passing of the great Bo Diddley. The episode is a mixture of Bo Diddley’s recordings as well as a small sampling of the myriad of bands that owe their careers, dreams, and aspirations to the man.

Also, in the interest of being a giant nerd, I have established the Middle-earth Minutes podcast – a regular 10-15 minute show podcasting news and events related to all things Tolkien directly to your computer and MP3 playing machines.

Recently I established an internet-based business: Union Audio Services. The UAS works primarily with spoken audio from conferences, seminars, focus groups etc. I offer my skills as an audio engineer to edit, mix, and master the recordings and format them for distribution via company websites or CD.

Well, that is enough for an “about” page… Now onto blogging! This blog will really have no purpose other than to be a repository of odd thoughts, and occasional reminiscing. The more you read the more you’ll understand what Nigel Lewis was talking about when he sang: “I took a walk through your deepest thoughts; I didn’t hardly even get my feet wet!”

P.S. This page has 583 words.


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