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Michael Kaiser’s Haus Has Moved! But The Furniture Is The Same.

August 8, 2009

Friends, Kaiser H.Q. has moved! has been swell fer a spell, but because of overly-restrictive policies we had to move the whole haus across the street. Don’t get me wrong; I have several self-hosted WordPress sites, and they work like a charm, baby! Couldn’t be happier. But the .com side (the free side; I ain’t paying for this blog) is like buyin’ a brand new 1958 Olds 88 and comin’ to find out that it has no radio, mirrors, or door handles and the dealer won’t let you install ’em! That’s fine. It’s their dealership. Actually, It’s their car; I’m just leasing it.

So, the new address for BBQ parties and such is Michael Kaiser’s Haus – now on Blogger! Not my 1st choice, but I was able to add some new pieces of furniture and knick-knacks due to more room (and a more self-assured landlord). Take a tour and see if you can spot ’em.

An appointment has already been set-up with the demolition company, and the wrecking-ball should be here in a month or so to clear this lot for some new tenants. So make sure you insert the new addy into yer RSS Reader of choice. Mine’s Google Reader.

Don’t be late; the grill is gettin’ hot!

Again: The new address is The URL is better, too!